Welcome to Stanton School of English

Stanton HQ

Study English in London at Stanton School of English. We are located in Central London, in Queensway, near Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and the trendy Notting Hill Gate area.

The district is exciting and cosmopolitan, with excellent transport links to every part of London.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide high standards of professionalism at reasonable prices, while offering a wide range of English courses, cultural and social activities and facilities.

At Stanton there is continuous reinvestment in a programme of development for the benefit of staff and students. This has been our policy since the School's foundation in 1973.


Stanton Students

We are a large school with an average of 300 students enrolled at any one time, rising to 500 during the Summer.

Our students come from all over the world to learn in our very friendly central London school.

The main features of Stanton School of English are its surprisingly low tuition fees and its clean and modern environment. 


Listening Centre

Full use is made of audio-visual equipment, including video. The school has audio self-access facilities, as well as internet and e-mail facilities.

There are both fixed and mobile video facilities.

With over 50 highly qualified, motivated and experienced staff all working to make your stay in London an enjoyable and profitable experience, you will always remember your time at Stanton School of English.


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